Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Peas March On.....

Well, the little sprouts are quickly becoming plants. Time to begin shopping for a bigger pot. Today the tallest is reading at about 7 inches and has 3 little bunches of leaves. Last night, the max was 5. If these suckers are going to grow 2 inches a day, they are surely going to being to crowd each other out and fight for nutrients. I want all these to survive so it's almost time to spread 'em out. This brings up a bunch of new questions, of course. Do I just need a bigger pot, or should I divide these 13 plants into multiple containers? How big do(es) the pot(s) need to be?

 This also gives me reason to start thinking of what I will construct my trellises from....likely dowl rods that I can bind together with hemp.....hemp, to me, is like duct tape is to other people; it can fix almost anything. So the trellises may or may not function, depending on how sturdy I can make them. I'll be sure to post any wonky, comical construction attempts for your amusement.


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