Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snap Pea's Not Yet Snapping

Alright folks, I am modifying my approach to sprouting my seeds based on some common sense and a few tips from Doug. I originally had my seeds on a saucer with a damp cloth and a plastic wrap cover so I could eagerly watch them (not) sprout. They have softened, but no pokie roots are visible after 2 days in the incubator.

Here's the new plan, ladies and gents. I remoistened the paper towl so it's wet, but not dripping and folded the seeds into it instead of just laying them on top. I also poked a few holes in the plastic wrap to give some air flow to the peas.

My only curiosity is wether I should give them more direct sunlight than they get through my window. Any votes?

Will this work? Will my seeds finally sprout? Tune in tomorrow, same time, same place, same channel to see how it all unfolds.


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