Friday, February 13, 2009

A Sprout Has Emerged!

Happy Friday the 13th, All! Turns out to not be such a day of doom, despite what I originally thought. I woke up with little hope of any sproutage from my incubating snap pea seeds, but lo and behold, a little guy is out...can you see it?

So.... I happily said some encouraging words to the rest and folded them back up into their damp cocoon to do some more growin'. I've begun using my little spray bottle for dampening the paper towel since this is the easiest for me. I soaked it since I will be gone for the weekend. Can't have these little guys drying out on me now that I've got the ball rolling.

Monday shall be an exciting day for my seeds, when I unveil them to see if they are ready for some dirt. 



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