Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Much like my blog, my plants have been neglected. I have been studying my butt off to compensate for the time I wasted at the beginning of the semester. So it's time to refocus and think carefully about the future of my garden.
I saw the warm sunlight today as an opportunity to nurture my plants. I walked each pot out and set them dutifully in a row on the driveway. What I failed to realize, as the day grew on, that it was a little cold for the baby tomatoes. I am hoping I didn't just kill them all. They looked like they had been blown over and wilted a bit. I felt so guilty.

So back into the 'incubator', under the grow bulb on the kitchen table they go. I waited until the pots and soil were room temperature again before I watered them. They don't look so great. I'll spare you a photo. I may have to start them all over again. Better I learn now, than into the warmer part of the season.

Oh, and the snap peas are not advancing, they are looking kinda wilty and just falling over a little. So time to fertilize maybe. Can I use tomato fertilizer for the peas or can I make a homemade fertilizer......a non-poop fertilizer maybe?