Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Gratitude List

It's September and I've already had to bust out a sweater a few times while driving in the early morning hours. While I am about to be excited about fall fashion, crafts and bonfires...I'm not quite there yet. I am still in denial that summer is winding down because I feel I have not had my fill of fun in the sun yet. It began when I noticed that it was dark by 8:30, not 9:15 like it is in the middle of June. Doug no longer insists on constant air conditioning and the best thing about that is listening to the summer sounds in my quite little Iowa City bungalow by the river. There is little traffic, so the only noises are a din of crickets, frogs. owls and bats. I thought I just heard something hit the drainpipe outside my window. It's either a zombie or a raccoon. So, I sit and enjoy it while I can. It will soon be to chilly to sit barefoot in a tanktop with my bedroom window wide open. Either that, or the zombie will get me.

August was kinda rough for those in my little world, but now that September has snuck up on us, it's time to rehash the good parts of the summer. I have decided to leave the summer behind with gratitude for the great things that happened that I will talk about when I am old. I am going to go backwards until I get too tired to continue. I'll follow with July's list another night as my eyelids are growing heavy already.


Doug, myself and most of our close friends are live music junkies. We watch for shows within a reasonable (?) driving distance, pile in the car and go. The most recent trip to see WEW was not one of the long-night, long-hauls since we were fortunate to crash with good friends. Thanks to the U family. You guys are great friends. If only they could have come to the show. The Vaudeville Mews is small, but great. I love that the ceiling in the front half of the bar is low and then it opens up to the high-ceiling stage area. It was like passing through a tunnel into a cave. By the time Will came on stage, the house was packed. He got loud as he stomped his rhythms on the floor and the feet of the crowd echoed back. He talked to people in the crowd he knew, since he is from the Iowa City area a couple hours away, that was many people. He noticed on of his friends walking past the stage on the way to the bathroom and shouted out a hello. He was charming, and funny, and relevant as he told stories between belting lyrics glorifying the great state of Iowa. Though I am not an Iowa native, I felt some significant Iowa pride at that show. He played for almost two hours as he threw back drinks handed to him from the front rows. I, being very short, couldn't see a thin from where my super-tall friends were standing, so I snuck up to the back corner of the stage where I could see everything...well, except his face. Sure beats looking at the back of the heads of the audience.

I took a few videos, but they are over ten minutes long and youtube won't accept them. Where do I go to share these great vids?

Later that night, Doug, Scott and I went to the Hessen Haus ( where they each drank a litre of beer from giant glass steins. They had no trouble. I barely finished my 2 Cokes.


Ah, my second annual (and consecutive) trip to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. The best part was watching an almost-two Katie see everything - really see everything - for the first time. Last year she couldn't even walk. This time she wouldn't take no for an answer.

There are few joys greater than watching this beautiful little girl moo at the giant cows.

In addition to the traditional butter cow, there was also a butter sculpture of the moon landing and a television to watch it on. The class encasing it was covered with the smudgy fingerprints of a million kids, so these shots are iffy.




I prefer to photograph Doug when he has no idea I am watching.

...but not always.

This little guy was really cute....for a pig.

....and just to prove I was Here I am being pushy with Katie.


Emily, threw a very charming vintage garden party, complete with a gorgeous, healthy feast of goodies prepared with the help of her very hip mom. (Any lady that listens to Tom Waits is all right in my book.)While I played my all-to-typical role as wallflower among some unfamiliar faces, I had a lovely time. And who doesn't love an excuse to dress up.
Here are some shots from the event.

Lovely ladies lighting candles.

Starry night.

the spread

Vintage vin⋅tage/ [vin-tij] noun, adjective, verb, -taged, -tag⋅ing. adj. 1. being the best of its kind.

Okay, this was one of those long-distance, long-haul trips. Doug drove the way to Omaha with me, Scott and Shawn in tow, which took about four hours. After the show I was the sober driver back...four hours. We left at 5pm and rolled in after 4am. The show was well worth the effort.

Many people recognize Daniel Johnston's name from a popular documentary about his life called The Devil and Daniel Johnston. This trailer is for your viewing convenience. I urge you to find out who he is and find his music. It is both rudimentary and beautifully complex.

He played for about an hour, first alone with his guitar, then with an accompanying guitarist, and finally, with a band backing him up. He brought out with him four bottles of Mt. Dew and a three-ring binder with all his lyrics in sheet protectors. He was genuine in his performance, and did wonderfully, with the audience gently encouraging him on. It was well worth the eight hour drive to see a musical legend in all his vulnerable might.

MY OTHER PASSION, Photography.

This was my first taste at pet photography (besides the masses of shots of my own pets) and it made me want to do other people's pet portraits. Anyone interested in commissioning me to make your furry or feathered friend look great in a frame?

Here are my favorites.

HONORABLE MENTIONS....while I am remembering them........

TOGA PARTY. I did not sport a toga, but guess who did...

Hopefully this posting won't get me in trouble. Let's see how long before my toga man reads this.

Though, in all fairness, he didn't give in right away. I wish I had not been holding a cig and an alcoholic beverage. Oh, what kind of role model will I be now?

I'll close with the joy of my toddler photo shoot with Katie. These are some of my favorites shots of Katie so far.


I think I got (un)intentionally smacked right after this. *sigh* kids.

She likes to feed Chico one morsel at a time, with a giggle in between.

A pretty good month to remember. Stay tuned for July. I've got to go to bed.
p.s forgive my mistakes; I am too tired to proofread. ha



Blogger Organic Meatbag said...

Great pictures! I heard that astronauts usually do turn into butter once they attempt to walk on the moon...hehehehe

November 16, 2009 at 7:18 AM  

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