Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mad for Veggies!

Leaves are popping up out of the ground so it's time to start prepping to fill in all this empty, ugly space. The front of the house needs cleanup so the perennials can come up without problems and the area around the front door looks really bare.

The fence around the garden plot has been ripped out and will be rebuilt. I did a pretty shoddy job of trying to revive it from the effects of the flood two years ago so it's best to just start over. It doesn't look like much right now.

Everything that I've started so far (from seeds) is growing inside these little pre-fabbed greenhouses. They have dirt pellets in them. Add water, they expand, and you have perfect little cocoons to nestle seeds into until they're ready to pot.

Once they've soaked up all the water, I used a pen to poke little holes in the center and dropped in a seed or two.

The mini-greenhouse that I started random herbs in was mysteriously knocked off the windowsill, likely by a feline, so now I have no idea what's what. It's the herb roulette greenhouse now. Soon I'll be able to tell which are which...of the basil, dill, chives, sage and cilantro.

The tomatoes, which were started in the green house have been added, still inside their dirt pellets, to bigger sectioned seedling trays. Most of them now have super-tiny, textured leaves. I am nervous about leaving them ouside overnight, but it's going to be in the mid-40s. I may do some last-minute internet research to find out how cold is too cold for baby t'mater plants. I am off to a good start with these, so I don't want to ruin it.

Also lined up along the western wall we have my first attempt at growing garlic. I love garlic and use it in almost everything I cook. I was excited to learn that I can just drop some cloves, pointy side up, into the dirt. I am curious to see how these grow.

I also sewed lettuce, green bean and onion seeds into some more pellets and lined those up with all the rest.

green bean seeds

I also potted some zinnea seeds and some midwest wildflower seeds.

I did this all under the devoted and watchful eyes of my two favorite canines, Chico and Brady.

Chico the Crazy Eyed Killa

Brady, the White Lightening Wonder Hound

My next step to keep watchful eyes over these babies and perhaps start my spinach and container cucumbers. I won't be starting my peppers from seeds. I think last year they took a long time to produce anything. They were still producing well into the cooler weeks at the beginning of autumn.

So it's getting chilly and the sun is going down. I am going to get cracking on researching temperature resistance for these little guys....

happy gardening!


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